Emerging 2018 GA Combo Forward CARIA REYNOLDS = Strong & Skilled

CARIA REYNOLDS  is a 5’11”, Strong 2018 Combo forward from Stone Mountain, GA   ( Greater Atlanta Christian School ) .

She is an Emerging prospect in the class of 2018 who has been profiled by espnW and has attended the exclusive invite only John Lucas 40 / 40 camp.

Caria’s Versatile skill set, Strength, Length, Rebounding prowess and overall Aggressiveness make her a very intriguing combo forward prospect for the next level. She is a ” Tough Matchup” at either Forward spot.

While she is open to hearing from all schools… after returning from a recent trip to New York and the NBC studios, Caria has a strong interest to study Mass Communications ( Broadcasting / Film ) and attend a school in / near NY.

She currently possesses a 3.0 GPA that is expected to rise by the end of this school year.

Caria runs with the Georgia Metros (Gold ) during the AAU season.

Her website :   http://www.cariareynolds.com/



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Playmakers International Showcase-August 2016: Versatile perimeter performer with deceptive quickness manufactures, drives and finishes plays in traffic; soft touch in mid-range game.       Dan Olson  (espnW) 

Blue Star Nationals-July 2016: Agile perimeter prospect with emerging offensive game; versatile, rebounds, exploits mismatches; plays under control, handles in uptempo game; continues to develop on both ends of the floor.    – Dan Olson  (espnW) 

November 2014: Strong, agile perimeter prospect with developing offensive game; size and versatility in the backcourt; exploits mismatches.

–  Dan Olson  (espnW) 

John Lucas-September 2014: Strong, agile and versatile perimeter performer offers developing offensive game; slashes, attacks; physical off the dribble; inconsistent offensive game.      – Dan Olson  (espnW)




2018 Caria Reynolds had a solid showing today, handled the ball, made good passes, did some work around the paint area


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