MICHIGAN STATE : Preseason UPDATE ( October 15th )


TOM IZZO – Full Comments at BIG 10 Media Day


TOM IZZO  undergoes Hernia surgery                                                                                             ( sportingnews.com )

TRAVIS TRICE works to stay Healthy & lead Spartan back to Final 4                                      (  si.com  )

How TOM IZZO defines Work – Life balance                                                                                 ( crainsdetroit.com )

IZZO & BRANDEN DAWSON : MSU leadership Stronger in 2014-15                                   ( CBSsports.com )

BRANDEN DAWSON – this year’s Draymond Green for MSU ?                                              ( usatoday.com )


MSU Forward Branden Dawson ( ) has been named to the Big Ten Network’s All-Big Ten First Team


Congrats to Tom Izzo on his Michigan Hall of Fame nomination! Long overdue. Jeter, Chelios, BJ Armstrong, & Jalen Rose in class also

Tom Izzo told me 10 years ago in Montreal that he only recruits high school kids from winning and champion programs. Winning is contagious.

Tom Izzo on toughness: “It’s not thinking or accepting that you have a ceiling, but that that you have another step to take, another gear.”

When mental toughness & competitiveness meet, the great teams & players excel. As Tom Izzo says, “Players play, tough players win.”


Tom Izzo on Calipari saying NBA combine not about recruiting: “If he was Pinocchio, he could have hung 10,000 shirts on that schnoz of his.”


I asked Tom Izzo if there were other good teams to challenge Kentucky this year: ” There are. The Spurs. Cleveland.”


Tom Izzo watched UConn game right after it happened. Then not again until last week. “When I watched it again, I threw up. Made me sick.”

Sending players to the NBA has as much of an impact on the perceived strength of a conference as national titles, Tom Izzo says.



Tom Izzo says with all the star players leaving, there are eight or nine teams in contention in the “muddled up” Big Ten.


It also took Tom Izzo about 180 seconds to mention that he doesn’t like Twitter. New media day record.


Izzo: “There’s no question that Wisconsin’s the class, but Wisconsin gets picked second or third when (Bo Ryan’s) got nobody back.”

Travis Trice to Spartan Sports Network: “If we win the UConn game, I don’t think Branden Dawson’s here right now. I think he’s in the NBA.”


Izzo on Branden Dawson: “Lot of NBA people say he is an NBA defender right now.”


“If we are going to be great, Branden Dawson has to take a big step.”


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