NOTRE DAME : ASU week – Tuesday UPDATE



Notre Dame  vs  Arizona State  GAME NOTES                                                                 ( )

BRIAN KELLY  ASU Preview Press Conference TRANSCRIPT                             ( )

NOTRE DAME   vs  Arizona State – Complete Game PREVIEW                             ( )

Notre Dame gets ready for trip to ASU                                                                               ( )

Notre Dame’s Offense thriving with TAREAN FOLSTON’s Growth                   ( )

SCHMIDT injury brings new set of Question for IRISH                                           ( )

The Future is now for NYLES MORGAN                                                                           ( )

BRIAN KELLY gets to Politicking  about ND’s strength of Schedule                 ( )

Herbstreit : Notre Dame can compete with anyone                                                    ( 24 / 7 )

Notre Dame’s ” NOVEMBER  9 “                                                                                             ( )

ASU’s Jaelen Strong draws Michael Floyd comparison                                           ( )


Medical: Onwualu cleared (concussed), Jones ankle (full go) today; Day brachial plexus (cleared). Councell calf (ditto); Riggs foot (ditto)

Kelly says tweaked defensive play-calling system will be employed today in Schmidt’s absence (and Wed).

Nyles Morgan is listed as the starting linebacker in place of Joe Schmidt on this week’s depth chart. Michael Deeb listed as his backup.

Brian Kelly on LB Nyles Morgan: “Nyles has been here 12 weeks and we’ll put him in a position to try to help us win the game on Saturday.”

BK on some plusses for Morgan: Opens up a whole new path for things we can do with Nyles we couldn’t do with Joe

BK on Nyles Morgan: “We said about 3 weeks in: You’re either gonna quit or you’re gonna be 1 of the best players that’s ever played here.”

BK admits they’ll look at a couple of things today at an ILB position that was already thin. (Councell, Deeb, Randolph, Larkin, Martini)

Joe Schmidt’s priority list: 1) Get parents to town 2) Have surgery 3) Help Nyles.      Kelly says Schmidt will turn into a coach

BK notes that getting home with free runners in pass rush (missed tackles vs. FSU QB) and tightening up coverage is key to improving the D

Kelly: If Will Fuller practices the way he did last week, Torii Hunter will get a lot more playing time. (Adds that’s the way Fuller played)

BK on ASU’s extreme up-tempo: We learned quite a bit (from UNC)” Notes situational subbing was part of the issue. Adds ND will run tempo too

BK on Golson after his 1st reg season loss: He feels like this is his offense and it falls on his shoulders to make sure we don’t lose again

BK notes that they would Naturally use more 1s vs. 1s to acclimate back from triple option defense. Might do extra because of ASU’s tempo

BK on a Todd Graham-coached team: Aggressive D; innovated on O — those have equaled wins. (Hight School, Tulsa, ASU)

BK: IF they have time to get the ball to (Jaelen Strong) it’s going to be a battle every time. He’s that good.

Kelly offers they’ve already begun prepping for heat in Tempe (Fluids, diets since Monday). ASU has beaten 3-ranked teams at home in 2014

GA Kyle McCarthy had successful surgery today as a follow-up treatment for cancer, per Brian Kelly.

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