Notre Dame  vs  Navy  game NOTES                                                                                        ( )

Notre dame returns to action after Bye week                                                                   ( )

Navy challenge two-fold for IRISH                                                                                         ( )

Notre Dame ready for Challenge in Navy                                                                           ( 24/7 )

Focus for IRISH the rest of way –  Just Win                                                                     ( )

Notre Dame moves up in both polls                                                                                     ( )


Notre Dame checks in at No. 10 in the first College Football Playoff poll

No changes to ’s depth chart this week:

Brian Kelly said among coaches across the country “nobody wants to play Navy.”

Brian Kelly on whether there’s an annual hangover the week after the Navy game: “I really haven’t looked at it. Maybe I should.”

BK/Navy: They do what they do better than anybody can defend it. You have to change up your looks and be extremely disciplined in your plan.

BK notes that he’s talked to VanGordr regarding personnel vs. option, but that was discussed as long ago as hiring process. Philosophy match

HC Brian Kelly on D facing Navy: “As it relates to cutblocks, stop being crybabies and go play the game.” Calls it “No Cry Zone”

Kelly said Mike Denbrock is great to work with and that their relationship as HC/offensive coordinator has gone even better than expected.

‘s Brian Kelly talked to DaVaris Daniels but did not discuss 2015. BK also says no convos w/ admin about possible self-sanctions.

Kelly on DaVaris Daniels: “I have talked to him, but we did not discuss next year. Our conversations were strictly about the immediate.”

HC Brian Kelly: Austin Collinsworth dressed yesterday in a harness, but sounds like he probably won’t play at Navy.

Kelly says “our medical team and Austin” make the decision on if Collinsworth can play. Cites this being his last season for urgency.

Tyler Luatua and Ben Councell have both been cleared and practiced yesterday.

Eilar Hardy practiced yesterday, per Brian Kelly. Hopeful he can play this year but awaiting clearance.

Brian Kelly says RB Tarean Folston has moved to the top of ‘s depth chart, but they’ll still play all three backs.


BK: Golson’s chemistry wasn’t there with Fuller at 1st. “He had more with Daniels.” -The EG/DD pair had a connection since 2011 Scout Team.

Brian Kelly on WR Corey Robinson: “He’s a tough, tough competitor on the field – tough gentlemen. And he’s a gentleman off the field.”


HC Brian Kelly on tonight’s rankings: “I’ll be glued to my TV &—no, way too early for any of that stuff. I’ll be working on Navy”


: Four-star quarterback and commit Brandon Wimbush () is chasing a National Record. (FREE)


RT : I Can’t Wait To Put On For The Irish

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