Suns snap CAVS streak with 104 – 92 Win in D.C.



Postgame Locker Room    (VIDEOS):


. sings his fav holiday song & his teammates share their favs. Happy holidays!



SUNS ens Wizards 6 game Win streak                                          ( )


Suns ruin Wizards chance at Franchise history                       ( )


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Final from VC: 92 – 104 Winning streak snapped at 6 Butler 17p Seraphin 16p Wall 14p-8a-5r Beal 14p Pierce 12p

Wittman stressed that were simply more physical. Gonna need to change that with Bulls coming to town Tuesday.


End of 3, 71 – 79 Wall 10p-7a-5r Seraphin 12p-4r Butler 12p

Halftime by the numbers 9p-5a-3r-2st 7p-3r 7p-4r

End of 1 from VC, up 23-22 over .

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