UCONN wbb : Geno after Exhibition Win vs Post Univ.

Classy Geno Auriemma salutes Veterans and asks fans to sing Anthem. Fans respond.



Q :  Are you happy Preseason is over ?

GENO :  yeah, i’m happy preseason is over.  I think everybody on the team probably is anxious to get started and play games for real. friday will be here before we know it. we got through two of them, both of them were somewhat interesting to say the least. Now we move on to the next phase.

Q :  Regarding Morgan Tuck and his thoughts  about where she is at this point coming back

GENO  :  Yeah everyday has been good for her. there hasn’t been any setbacks, hasn’t been any issues. she hasn’t played in so long , that I think any minutes she gets on the court are good. especially spending time with “Stewie”, Kaleena , Moriah…i think the more time , minutes on the floor with them helps, but just minutes in general. That is why she was out there with some of those younger guys , almost becoming the focal point…so its all good, its all good.

Q  :  Geno with losing Bria & Stephanie, how do you think the Offense is so far ?

GENO  :  Its Ok , I mean the offense is great when we throw it to “Stewie” , that kinda..it gets everything else going ya know. I like the way we moved the ball in the first 10 minutes , but again we are doing it against players that can’t really challenge us so you have to take it with a grain of salt…but it was good to see. We shot the ball well, and moved the ball well. we found spots on the floor that are good spots to find..I don’t think its gonna be that simple next weekend , but for what we needed to accomplish today I thought it was good.

Q  :  On why Gabby Williams (Freshman ) only played a few minutes (at the end )  

GENO  :  She had an equipment malfunction…i don’t know how it is in track, but in basketball you need to have a Right sneaker and a Left sneaker. so maybe next time she will get it right.

follow up – so she didn’t have the right sneakers ?

GENO  : yeah i mean, sometimes they talk about people having two left feet…today she had two right ones

Q  :  today you had all 4 freshman on the floor at same time at the end , what are your thoughts on how they played ?

GENO  :  Umm..I don’t remember I stopped watching when they got in there after a bout 5 minutes (sarcasm ) . I think it was an opportunity for them to see just how far they have to go and how much they have to…kinda grow to be able to play at this level , at this place the way we wanna play at . It wasn’t easy for them to be able to get things done … and that was good, that was really good . Sometimes when they are out there playing with Stewie, Kaleena, Moriah..its easy for them because those guys do all the heavy lifting , and now its good for them to see that when its up to them they are gonna have to figure things out on their own .  they got a little bit of it, but not enough to make me happy, that for sure .

Q  : Competition aside , Kiah still got two Double – doubles . your thoughts

GENO :  The part about Kiah is not can she do those things , its not can she get a Double – double..its does she aspire to do that every single day and every single game . And that is what has to kick in , and if it does then …we were talking in the locker room (coaches ) how she gets those numbers playing Half speed , and how if she ever decided to go all out all the time, her numbers would be off the charts . But that is a goal i am hoping that Kiah is realizing , that hey if I set a goal for myself every night …that can happen. So in that respect it was good for her to see that (Exhibition numbers ).

Q  : Geno, in the past you have run the Triangle offense or variations of it . last year your ran more Princeton offense type stuff with Dolson at the top …you ran primarily all Triangle today , is that going to be your base Offense this season ?

GENO  :  Yeah… we are trying to limit how many places on the floor where certain people have to go and just try to keep them in their comfort zone . Different offensive concepts work better or worse depending on who those people are that are executing those concepts . That is one of the things we feel we’ve always been able to do for the last Twenty some odd years , just tailor the concepts of our Offense to fit the people we have ..a lot of the stuff we did today we’ve been doing it for 20 years ..a lot of stuff we did last year we’ve been doing it for a long time, but it didn’t look so good , but it look good the last two years because of who was in the middle and who was orchestrating things (Dolson ) 

follow up – so you’ll run it vs Zones as well ?

GENO  :   yeah, yeah… we try not to be too complicated . again, its early in the season so ,  when people are thinking too much about what to do, they aren’t playing …they are just thinking , so if we can eliminate a lot of the thinking… as you saw in the first 10 – 15 minutes , its fun to watch when we play like that 

Q  :  anybody nursing anything (minor injuries ) at this point ?

GENO  :  nah, everybody’s pretty good..knock on wood , everybody has a clean bill of health . No big things other than the normal things that happen when you get through 2 & 1/2 weeks of practice 

Q  :  Do you have a vision with this group of Defensively extending up the court (Press ) . ..maybe after timeouts or Free Throws  ?

GENO  :  I initially don’t like that since they changed the rules … at one time we did that a lot because we could . You didn’t get punished / penalized as much , but the rules being what they are now , I’m a little reluctant to do it . But there will be times where we do it , there will be times we will do it if i have the right lineup in there . If have Moriah, Kiah , Nurse, and Saniya will be able to maybe do some things ..extend a little bit . it will give us a little bit longer area to cover up for Soniya , when her man blows right by her 20 feet form the basket its harder for us to go help her , but if she gets beat (up the floor ) we’ll have more time to help her .   We have guys that have to do a better job of keeping people in front of them . The more we do that, the more we will be able to do more stuff .

Q  : Off the bench you come off with Kia, and she is often a court general . Are you looking for someone to step up and provide Instant offense ?

GENO  :  i thought she (Kia ) did a little of that today , I mean she’s very aggressive . This is all kind of new to her …on the national team she was more of pass to the guys that are open and find people …her offense was kind of the last thing she was looking for . She is going to create a lot of offense for us , there is no question about it . and she Defends , she is a really good defender , she is a tough kid . I think we are going to try to use her a lot of different ways . she is the kind of Guard I like to have on my team , she is not limited to any one particular area on the floor.

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