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MALIK ZACHERY is a 6’1″ point Guard in the 2017 class from Syracuse, NY ( Nottingham H.S. ) . He plays AAU ball for the Albany City Rocks of the Nike EYBL circuit . Malik’s reputation in the Northeast continues to grow and I fully expect him to create a lot of national buzz next aau season.  At 6’1″′ he already has so much of what is needed from a HM college floor general and has plenty of time to mature physically. Malik is both quick and crafty and already impresses with his advanced basketball IQ & Instincts, ability to see the floor, capacity to make the Winning pass just as much as the crowd pleaser. He impresses with natural traits of poise and the capacity to play with quality “pace” / control…especially at this early stage of experience. Malik gives the early look of a future college Point Guard that will dictate all game off the dribble through the lane and in open court or rip nets from the perimeter with a quality shooting stroke. There are a lot of PG’s with ability…but only some display the ability to make others better and  LEAD as well. Malik Zachery already displays all three !!

Malik is not only a precocious Point Guard prospect that marquee coaches are searching for, but he is an impressive young man overall with a high level of sincerity . He seems like a young man that a college coaches will be able  TRUST on & off the floor and future teammates will love to play with. There is a lot that seems Special about Malik. I believe you will enjoy learning about him and  following his Journey.  He also is a committed student with A & B grades.


What’s up world, it’s just me back to kick of my 1st blog of the new year. It’s now 2015 and things are moving along quicker then ever. Our team is off to a pretty good start going 7-2 so far. We are currently in 1st place in our division but we need to keep improving everyday so we can make a strong run when sectionals get here. The good thing is our team continues to push each other every day on and off the court. We are coming off another big win beating Corcoran on Tuesday. Corcoran looks like they are improving and could make a strong run in Sectionals. Shot out to my boy Marquis Gilbert for playing a great game for Corcoran and having a really good year. Keep up the good work bro!
We had two weeks off from school for Christmas break but we had practice and games still throughout. I enjoyed my time off with my family but things still were kind of hectic because we had games out of town. There is never a resting moment in this game but if you work hard hopefully it will all pay off in the end. My short-term goals still remain the same, keep improving as a team, win Sectionals, and then move on to the States. I am making it my personal responsibility to make sure I lead our team to allow that to happen. So far we are off to a good start but we can never be satisfied, because once you are satisfied that is when you might stop working. I’m always trying to get better and work on new things.
As far as me personally, things have been great. I’m just trying to make it and continue to work hard. I remember my dad telling me when I was very young that when you work hard a lot of positive things come from that, but you will also see and hear things that are not good as well. He told me to never be content on where you are and to always try to get better and improve on anything you do in life. So I will close my January blog out with that. I will continue to work hard and stay positive. I wish positivity and success to you all. Stay hungry, humble but confident, but most importantly may God bless you.
Until next time peace and love from your boy Malik Zachery, I’m out.
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